5 fundamental tips to creating a successful business

Jayde Celieste

Founder Female Leader Activation Course

As a woman in business, I had been guilty of working in my business, not on it.

I'm sure many of you can relate to this. We can all face this challenge when starting due to a number of factors like resources, knowledge, and finances. 

So, I've put together a few helpful tips to help you reach your business goals   Read more...

The skill of creativity

Kim Elverding

Copywriter and marketer for English and Dutch-speaking clients

When I think of skill versus talent, I immediately think of the Olympics. I love the Summer Games and am amazed by the athletes that are competing. There is so much talent, passion, and emotion, that the years of preparation are easy to forget.

Writing and creativity should be viewed similarly. Yes, some people have been born with a little extra passion, interest, or talent to create. We all know a kid that just tells stories wherever they go.     Read more...

Bid farewell to the back-and-forths of organising meetings

Amy Ashton

Content Alchemist, Around the Campfire

Say goodbye to endless emails: Your entire meeting workflow gets automated without you lifting a finger. 

 Instant real-life updates: The booking will automatically appear in both of your calendars to confirm the meeting and block the time out.   Read more...



Founder, WOS

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. As business owners, we constantly plan a lot of things but what happens when you are in a planning rut? Before the actual planning, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered then there’s the weighing of options and of course the emotions that go along with it. In this blog, you will learn a few tips and tricks and the process of how to plan out that time to plan.  Read more...

Leading virtual teams? Here’s 5 areas you need to consider

Ash Hogan at People Co.

Ash Hogan, Head of Client People Partnering, People Co.

The way we work is continuing to evolve. If we’re honest, it’s been turned on its head - the pandemic accelerated the arrival of the ‘future’ of work to the ‘now’ of work, and we are here for it.  But as businesses embrace work from home and work from anywhere policies, leaders need to add to their toolkit to effectively build, support and lead hybrid or virtual teams.  Read more...

Why being “Superwomen” hurt our mental health

Dana V. Gimarangan

Dana Vi Gi, Trauma Healing Advocate & Operations of WOS

I was punished by society for looking young and being a woman. It only got worse as I tried to climb up the ladder of male dominated industries.  That's what I thought until I took a deeper look at how society enforces unrealistic “templates” on women. “Are you sure you are the developer that our HQ VP recommended? What is your height?”  Read more...

Persistence: Trying and failing which leads to your "thing"

Tyler Auld

Tyler Auld, Founder and CEO, Unmasked

Next to funding, one of the top reasons why people don’t start is fear of failure, which baffles me, as failure is inevitable. new.  Laziness is a way of your body telling you what’s not a right fit.  - Gary Vaynerchuck. You must decipher whether the failure was by choice or by fate. Read more...

A Better Fashion For All


Krissy O' Sullivan, CEO, AS WE ARE AGENCY

About 5 years ago, I experienced the breakdown of a long-term relationship. I had completely lost my self-identity and in all honestly, I had absolutely no idea who I was anymore. I was existing as a shell. In order to attempt to figure it all out, I wanted to try something new. I found myself working intermittently on set for various Netflix series.   Read more...

Building a strong social media presence


Soumya, Social Media Manager, Grab that ride

If you are someone who had a hard time with the updates plethora on social media and struggling to increase your brand's exposure. Here are some tips from a social media manager with experience in several niches, from fashion to wellbeing and travel to tech..  Read more...


Jess Smith

Jess Smith, Artist  & Freelance Artist,  Bug.Monster

I had a rough idea of the art I liked to do and how I wanted to build a following on Instagram, so in a sense, I had a bit of a business plan... Looking back on my mindset now, I can see that it completely missed the point and left not much room for experimentation, growth and discovery: all of the best things about starting your own business. 

Does positive change = faster goal achievement?

Kristy Hunter

Kristy Hunter, Brand  & Marketing Strategist + Copywriter 

I was too proud to ask for help. It was important to me that I proved to the world (mostly to a former boss and my ex-husband who put limitations on me), that I could be successful AF. Being a single parent, I hustled hard and worked on my business day and night with a perfectionist attitude. I burned myself out, my anxiety was out of control, and I had completely isolated myself. The situation was neither sustainable nor fun, so something had to give!  Read more...

The meaning behind your words

Julie Ta

Julie Ta, Brand Strategist + Copywriter 

So – what’s the difference between a business that’s at the whim of their competition, and a business that has future-proofed their offering, complete with a line of raving fans? The ones that have it “allll figured out”.  Read more...

Take Courage and Go For It!

Hayley Mill

Hayley Mill Manifestation Coach

Sometimes courage isn’t doing something big. It’s listening to yourself.    In 2012 I had a fabulous job, was on track for a great career and basically living my best life. But I wanted more. Read more...

Reputation (Wo)Management

Gayle Fitzpatrick, 

The Digital Marketing Mentor

Reputation management is, essentially, about mitigating the potential risks that come with negative reviews, and maximising the potential of the positive ones.  Online reviews play a huge part in the decision making process for a potential consumer, and how your brand is represented online has never been more important to your conversion rate.  Read more ...

Connect, CoWork


I started my business in 2016. I had no f*cking idea what I was doing (coming from business school) as I tried to build my personal styling business. Read More... 

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