We envision a community of not just like-minded individuals but also a collective of people who have built brands that aim to support and nurture others, create a space for growth opportunities and build sustainable businesses. 

Women Owned StartUps is a community for women who are in the startup phase of business. 

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You do not need to do it alone or sit at the dining room table. 

WOS aims to empower and support women in the startup phase of their businesses through network growth and resources.

Our mission is to provide a platform for the woman as she starts her business. Provide a network of experts to go to for support, assistance and guidance.

The plan is plain and simple. 

Band together, and really support each other. Everyone has a missing puzzle piece in business and life and that is why we gravitate to people that are great at other things.

Founded by Isabel in Brisbane, Australia and valued by so many!

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