Welcome to WOS Planning Day Planner v1

We developed this planner to help you break down those tasks in a clear layout, clear your head and go full steam ahead with confidence.

How to use this planner: Input your plan into the tabs allocated. Once you click send at the end of this planner you will receive an email in the address you provided with your inputs. You can use this planner anytime, all the time!

Let's go!

(Project, Idea, Launch, etc.)
(Launch date)
(How many days, months or weeks from today until launch day)
Assets that will assist you in the fulfillment of tasks or goals - include yourself and your skills
Risks that will be in your way to fulfill your tasks or goals - include yourself just to be cheeky -
Here we go! Let's get you planning.
All done but you're just getting started! This is the exciting bit - this is where you show the what you've got and how you can help others.

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